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Views From The Cockpit - Take Off

It all starts somewhere

The inaugural flight of the famous Wright Brothers aircraft (The Wright Flyer) is most commonly recognised as the start of powered flight for mankind - something that has changed our world forever. It was a coin toss between the two brothers (Orville and Wilbur) that decided who would take the first test flight of aircraft and despite winning the toss, Wilbur Wright’s first attempt at Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina was unsuccessful. Three days later, on the morning of 17th December 1903, it was Orville Wright’s turn to take the controls. As his brother ran alongside to steady the delicate machine the plane took to the air and for 12 secs it flew a total of 120 feet.

Since this date there have been many firsts in the world of aviation, from the first commercial flight to the first plane to go supersonic and many more. Flight has given us many advantages, not to mention the infinite views of how we now see our world. So speaking of firsts, today is a first for me - I am launching my new blog called "Views from the cockpit".

See the world differently

At any stage of our life we can choose to adjust our speed, position and attitude, just like a plane does in order to achieve it's mission. My motto, 'Pilot Your Life', is designed to challenge exactly that - take the controls and pilot yourself to your next destination. Now 'Views from the Cockpit' is the extension of my motto, where I share my perspectives, experiences and stories to spark new insights.

“My aim is to share my perspectives, experiences and stories to spark your thinking and create new insights. I believe it is when we fly outside of our comfort zone that we create new learnings and possibilities.”

Every month I will post something new and I ask you to join me on my mission. Feel free to share your own insights and stories at anytime.

take off checks

So, as we take off together on this new adventure, start by completing 5 take off checks:

  1. Am I piloting my life to where I want to go?

  2. What are the consequences of staying on my current life/career flight path?

  3. What might a new flight path look like / give me?

  4. What is stopping me from taking the controls to get me there?

  5. What is the one small change I can make, now?

Make a change

I work with highly committed people and businesses who want to make powerful #lifetransformations and create #peakperformance in what they are doing. I believe #feelingstuck in life is a result of us remaining in our own holding pattern, circling and not getting anywhere new. Continue to ask yourself the questions above and remember, it is often the smallest correction that gets you on the flight path which you deserve and want.

Take the controls and always remember to #Pilotyourlife.

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If you are a looking to create powerful change and/or peak performance in your life, then contact me for a chat.

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