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Master Caution!

'Push to reset'

'PUSH TO RESET' it states on the Master Caution button on an aircraft - I have always loved the irony in this! Let's face it, when you are flying any aircraft you can't just hit a reset button and expect the problem to go away. When this light illuminates in the cockpit and the warning alarm sounds, it is because there is something you must investigate. This is the starting point of identifying and resolving the problem by taking alternative actions.

I work with both clients who often feel stuck and looking to make a massive shift in life, or those who want to want to be challenged to fly high at their peak. Whatever you want, the one question which can often start to creation awareness, insight and change is "what areas of your life are you tolerating?" In the same context as the Master Caution, I ask "which areas are you continuously pressing the 'reset' button and limiting your future?"

"In which areas of your life are you continuously hitting the reset button and limiting your future?"

Aircraft warning systems

Since the first flight by the Wright Flyer, there have always been sophisticated onboard warning systems integrated into every airplane - they are called pilots. However, it is true that despite the years of training and experience there will always be moments when a pilot's eyes, ears, nose, or ' seat of the pants' feeling may overlook something critical. These limitations have led to the development of dedicated onboard warning systems to support the pilot and bring them to the attention of areas of concern.

In early generation aircraft, these warning systems were scattered throughout the cockpit and it was still up to the pilots to identify them. This approach wasn’t the most efficient way to alert pilots with the information needed to resolve and take action.

In today’s modern aircraft all this has been superseded with a crew alerting system. It grabs the attention of the pilots with the illumination of the Master Caution light directly in front of them. In addition there is an audible noise or announcement to help identify the problem followed by a message displayed digitally to support the crew in their action.

What's Your Warning System?

It is important for us all to identify our own Master Caution alert in order to create new opportunities and a better life. Of course, this is easier with something physical such as an injury which needs attending to, or the smell of the bread burning in the toaster. However, what if it is something else?

How do you know when your Master Caution alarm is sounding? Perhaps you feel a tightening in your stomach, a negative emotion such as hurt, or maybe something inside telling you to slow down. It is easy to ignore these warnings and hit the virtual 'reset' button in the hope the problem will go away. However, your Master Caution is there for a reason and telling you that there is something not right and that there is potentially a better way; a new opportunity for you.

Powerful Questions

When you feel the Master Caution go off inside you, here are 5 questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is it I am ignoring?

  2. What is the consequence of ignoring it?

  3. What is my desired outcome?

  4. What action do I need to take to get to my desired outcome?

  5. What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail?

Take the controls and always remember to #Pilotyourlife.

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