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CREW ROOM: A Place to Learn & Grow

The word 'Crew' comes from the Latin 'Cresco' meaning to grow, and from the French 'Croistre' which means 'to increase' or 'to augment'.

RAF Crew Room

Throughout my military career the place which I most called home was the pilot crew room. This was where I spent most of my day and where every flying sortie started and ended.

It was the place to relax, study, share stories, celebrate successes, commiserate failures, plan the next sortie, discover new ideas and coach each other to be the best we could be. In line with the history of the word 'Crew', the RAF crew room was the place I would grow, surrounded by inspiring people who would support, encourage and challenge me to be the best. In short, it was the most desirable place, filled with respect, support, inspiration, challenge and most importantly FUN.

Since leaving the RAF, I have never found somewhere I can go EVERYDAY in order to create the same experience. It is for this reason, I started Pilot Your Life (PYL) Crew Room.

PYL Crew Room

PYL Crew Room is small community of passionate people, committed to spending time together in order to tackle their greatest challenges, create clarity and leave with the confidence to grow and succeed.

My question to you:

"Where do YOU surround yourself with inspiring people who are supporting, encouraging and challenging you to be the best you can be?"

To learn more about the PYL Crew Room click on the link below:

Crew Room
Download PDF • 518KB

If you are interested in joining the Crew Room community to create insights and tackle your greatest challenges then please get in touch with me. Places are limited, with only a few seats left.

Remember, always #pilotyourlife

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If you are looking to create powerful change and/or peak performance in your life, then contact me for a chat.

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