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Inner Hero Breakthrough

Fast Track Intensive Coaching to the Future you Deserve

Choose to combat adversity through courage and fortitude to become the best version of yourself, and make the greatest change in your life.


8 month programme

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Bespoke One on One


Face to Face Breakthrough

What is It?

Your Inner Hero Breakthrough is a TAILORED and CONFIDENTIAL 6 month transformational programme FOCUSED 100% ON YOU; eliminating what is holding you back in your life so you can 'stop surviving and START LIVING'. Here is one client's experience:

"12 months ago I embarked on what I can only describe as a massive life changing experience, a personalised breakthrough intensive with Adrian.  I hadn’t done anything quite like this before so I was very apprehensive, however I knew I had to do something otherwise my life would have gone in a direction I didn't want.  12 months on, the experience has transformed everything for the better. From my daily way of thinking, my personal relationship, my financial situation, career, and most importantly the belief and love I now have in myself.


I didn’t realise it was possible to learn and develop so much over our time together, especially the transformation from the one day intensive session; this breakthrough has truly been life changing.  I will always be so grateful to Adrian for his support, coaching and the passion he has to help others live the life we all deserve. He is a true inspiration."

This is the same process I went through to overcome the fears and challenges in my life, before finding 'self love' which is now allowing me to make healthy choices to fulfil my mind and more importantly my heart.

Adrian Digby Life Coach and Business Mentor

Who is this for?

Let's face it, most of us could do with a breakthrough sometime in our life.  My Inner Hero breakthrough is for anyone ready to make the most powerful shift towards a better future.

Are you asking questions such as:

"I feel stuck and confused in my life"

"I am in an unhealthy relationship"

"I want to control my spending and get my finances under control"

"I want to loose weight and have more confidence"

"I want to believe in myself and create the best possible future"

In Simple terms:

​My Inner Hero Breakthrough is for anyone who is ready to cut the bullshit, discover their inner hero and move on to 'Pilot Your Life'.

Components of the Programme

For 6 months you will have my personal commitment and guidance on your journey which will include:

  1. Deep 1:1 coaching: Sessions to deliver self discovery, awareness and insights

  2. A full life audit to clear the BS, understand where you are today and where you want to go

  3. Value creation strategy using my bespoke 'I AM' value matrix we can maximise your awareness of creating value

  4. Direct access to me and my resources to support your personal development and your Inner Hero Breakthrough journey

  5. Personal self awareness work to expand your mind beyond your own thinking

  6. 1 DAY BREAKTHROUGH SESSION, including areas such as:

    • Elicit and eliminate your prime concern to dissolve all problems you are creating

    • Remove all unwarranted negative emotions to give you inner piece and self love

    • Shatter all limiting beliefs which are holding you back

    • Create clarity to your true inner values and beliefs

    • Design and set future vision and goals

    • lots more...

  7. Peak performance coaching: Sessions post the Breakthrough day to foster your growth and new life

With all this successfully completed I guarantee you can move forward living your best life.

Your Investment: £18.5k


In order to be successful on this programme it is important that you fully commit, give in to the process and trust your unconscious self. You need to be 100% focused on what you want and be willing to make a change.

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