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Crew Room

The PYL Crew Room is a place to be surrounded and propelled forward by a group of inspiring, driven, and ambitious people. This is where breakthroughs happen.

What is it?

The word 'Crew' comes from the Latin 'Cresco' meaning to grow, and from the French 'Croistre' which means 'to increase' or 'to augment'.

Members receive the following benefits:

Thinking Partnership

Monthly 90min calls


Space to share challenges, brainstorm, self-reflect, and discover new insights to grow.

Crew Coaching

Monthly 90min calls

Group Coaching_edited.png

Group coaching to face your challenges and create clarity, confidence & courage.

Private Community Chat


Community chat_edited.png

Where I share resources and you share questions, ideas, feedback, and motivation.

A community of high achievers committed to spending time together to think differently, challenge the status quo, and be radical to face their greatest challenges.


Throughout my military career, the place which I most called home was the pilot crew room. This was where I spent most of my day and every flying sortie started and ended here.


It was the place to relax, study, share stories, celebrate successes, commiserate failures, plan the next sortie, discover new ideas, and coach each other to be the best we could be. In short, it was the most desirable place, filled with respect, support, inspiration, challenge, and most importantly FUN.


Since leaving the RAF I struggled to find a business that offered the same experience and it is for this reason that I created the PYL Crew Room

Is this for me?

The PYL Crew Room is for you, if:

You want to be in a community of extraordinary people

You want to operate at your full potential 

You want people to stretch your thinking

You want to create new insights and ideas

You want a safe place to ask hard questions

You want to gain clarity and confidence

You want to network and invest in yourself

You want to make a personal impact

This is an exclusive and premium experience and is like having your own group of non-executive directors as your trusted advisors and mentors; supported by me as your personal coach.

If this is for you, then please contact me and we can arrange a 30-minute call. 

Your Investment: £300/mth

"If you are the most inspiring person in the room, you are in the wrong room"

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